About SHAG

Super Happy and Gaming (SHAG) came into being in January 2015 as a project between long-time friends Jack and Andy. Originally conceived as a creative outlet where they could hone their presenting and editing skills whilst between Jobs, the YouTube channel quickly gathered a loyal following from gamers and other YouTubers thanks to the high production value of the channels content.

SHAG produces a range of content including gameplay series in both classic games and the latest releases, News videos covering the top stories from the gaming industry and beyond, as well as game reviews, podcasts and interviews from major gaming events such as EGX in Birmingham. SHAG has always been about gamers having fun. Each member of the team adds their own distinctive style of comedy and gaming insight to each video they are involved with. To learn more about the members of the SHAG team check out their profiles below.

Meet the Team

Andys Bio:

Andy is a human man, he sustains himself by drinking water and eating food. After about 14 hours of doing mainly that, he must sleep. At some point during this unending cycle Andy thought it would be a good idea to start up a YouTube channel with his friend Jack, this led to unintended interruptions of the aforementioned cycle to which Andy was not accustomed. Eventually Andy was approached to write a biography of himself for the website of the YouTube channel and as usual he put as little effort into completing it as possible. Not even bothering to spellcheck his work, Andy emailed the biography to Jack who in turn emailed it to the guy who was building the website. This resulted in people reading his biography and learning exactly nothing about him, which was Andy's true plan all along.

Favourite Game: Day of the Tentacle

Least Favourite Game: Risk

Jacks Bio:

Jack has had many different roles. He’s been a farm hand, [redacted due to official secrets act 1989], animal handler, shelf stacker and call handler. Through all of this he has played video games and talked a lot of crap. Now he does these things on the internet with his friend Andy. If he won the lottery Jack would pay for Andy and he to go all expenses paid to E3, safe in the knowledge that the crowds and lack of seating would drive Andy insane. He is equal parts amused and infuriated by Andy’s bio.

Favourite Game: Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Least Favourite Game: The GTA series…come at me bro.

Matt's Bio:

Where do we start with Matt? Not much to say really, other than to acknowledge his incredible ability to turn whatever anyone says to him into an innuendo. Nicknamed “Flakey”, Matt is generally 90% unreliable when it comes to doing things he says he will. Regardless of his procrastinating flakiness, Matt loves everything to do with video games and has since joined Jack and Andy’s love shack, creating the sexiest of threesomes! Several months later we are delighted to announce Andy is pregnant.

Favourite Game: Whatever he says “Absolutely amazing” too (The Order 1886)
Least Favourite Game: Destiny (Oooohhhh I went there)

Bear's Bio:

Bear originally wrote a really in-depth and complex bio for the SHAG website, it included his how his love for video gaming started, What some of the games are that shaped him as a gamer, and what he thinks he can bring to the SHAG team… but then he read everyone else’s bios and decided to scrap it all. So this is his new bio; He’s hairy, He looks a bit like Jesus, He has an unhealthy obsession with Sonic 3 & Knuckles (he can have more lives by the end of the game than is actually physically possible.), and he loves them poncy indy games that are all arty farty (Journey, The Unfinished Swan)

Favourite Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Least Favourite Game: “One of those mega overrated Nintendo IP’s, like Splatoon or some shit.”